Results & Case Studies

Cost-per-click decrease 2.5x
Impressions increase 5.4x
Clicks increase 9.8x
Visitor stay on website increase 3.1x

Objective {Increase call-to-action}
Call-to-action increase by 4.2x

Cost-per-click decrease 6.7x
Impressions increase 12.7x
Clicks increase 7.2x

Objective {Increase website visits}
Visitor stay on website increase 4.3x

Cost-per-click decrease 1.7x
Impressions increase 4.2x
Clicks increase 16x
Visitor stay on website increase 3.5x

Objective {Increase CV uploads}
CV upload increase 3.7x


Cost-per-click decrease 1.9x
Impressions increase 5.2x
Clicks increase 14x
Visitor stay on website increase 4.2x

Objective {Ticket sell}
The percentage tickets sold via social media campaigns 68%


20 Social media strategies are developed, implemented and executed

2000 blog articles are created and published
4000 tweets are written and published
2000 Instagram photos are shared

22% increase in brand awareness
18% increase in brand royalty

11% increase in followers
7.5 average Relevance Score on Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns

3.5x average increase in goals {sales, branding, call-to-action, store visits}

16 WeWork London Lunch & Learn events