How to Post Your Instagram Photo on Your Twitter Feed?

On April, 9 2012, when the Instagram was bought by Facebook, we didn’t think that Twitter would be changing their policy with Instagram. Before the Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, when you post a photo on your Instagram account, you had the chance to share it on your Twitter account, as well with a preview of the photo!

However, Twitter decided to stop the photo preview function for the Instagram, and all of a sudden, your Twitter feed is crowded by simple texts with Instagram web links. That was all. In order to see the photo, you now have to click to the link and many people were avoiding this.

In order to upload your Instagram photo to your Twitter feed, you have to do another upload to your Twitter account.

However, there is a solution for this. The automation software IFTTT can do this for you. By following these steps, your Instagram photo will be uploaded to your Twitter feed with a preview of the photo and a link to visit the original photo on the Instagram.

Note: If you change your Instagram or Twitter account password, you have to re-authorise the connection on IFTTT!

Create an IFTTT account (


3. Connect your Instagram to IFTTT (Just follow the instruction on the screen)
4. Connect your Twitter to IFTTT (Just follow the instruction on the screen)
5. Test it and it is ready!