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We make more than 3,000 decisions per day.

Scrolling this website

Liking that pug photo on Instagram

Clicking to the summer holiday promotion advertisement on Facebook

Chasing what my competitiors are doing on LinkedIn

Waking up early today

Buying that over priced latte

Buying that uncomfortable high heeled shoes

Your overpowered sports car

The smartphone you are viewing this website


These are all the consequences of our decision making process.

Our mind loves to quick decisions!

Make mental shortcuts, being influenced by subconscious cues, following the defaults, accepting the social norms.

However, our mind does all these things without telling us.

They all happen in autopilot decision making process.

Basically they all happen in the background. Then, we make a decision and we think we made the decision.


They are all explained by behavioural economics, our irrational decisions with rational reasons.


What is Behavioural Economics?


What is behavioural economics?

Behavioural Economics has been around since the 18th century by Adam Smith’s “Theory of Moral Sentiments” book. 

Behavioural economics incorporates the economics and the human psychology to identify psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factor that affect the decision making process of people.

Why it is important for us?

Behavioural economics can be applied to marketing, finance, business operations.

Literally, where you face with humans, you can apply the behavioural economics tactics.

For marketing and social media marketing

The environment of marketing is very complicated and nearly impossible to make theories for the best Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn paid or organic posts or print ads.

The missing point is the unchanged human mind.

Despite all technological developments in last one hundred years, our mind remained unchanged!

You should look for understanding the only asset, human mind! Once you understand the human mind, you will create content that has a meaning to your target audience.

As the social media content is consumed by humans and our brain doesn't a switch for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to interpret the content. For our brains, they are all the same!

Why? The social media channels are not developed by psychological theories. They all started as tech companies and evolved. Keep in mind, the Instagram used to be a 'check-in' app (Burbn) and never intended to be a photo sharing platform


Tell me more about Behavioural Economics…


An example?

'People never want to buy a heater, they want warm air. So, market warm air to sell a heater.'

Do global creative agencies offer this service?

Yes. Ogilvy.

Now, Rory Sutherland From Ogilvy Change explains us. What is behavioural economics?



Uygar Kilic



I am a behavioural economics and social media marketing consultant with more than 12-year’s experience in academia and business. I have achieved successful results with more than 32 clients {From startups to billion-pound enterprises}.

I have been a blogger since December, 2009 {My personal blog deals with cars & life}. I was picked-up by Pinterest head office to took part as an influencer pinner during the Pinterest UK launch campaign {#PinItForwardUK}.

The GQ China May 2015 issue featured an interview with me for my blogging experience and how I started.

Before becoming a freelancer, I published an MSc Research thesis on why people talk about brands {University of Birmingham}. The findings establishes the foundations of my services and provides an analytical in-depth view of consumer decision making process.

Find me on Linkedin.


Fun Fact


I did my first nudge to Bill Gates in 1993.

I was 12 years old and wanted to learn Visual C++ programming language. However it was a very expensive piece of software (~£2,527 in today’s money). It was a very wise way to convince my parents to spend their money on this software. 

So, I decided to change the way Bill Gates was thinking. Basically, I framed the Visual C++ pricing from a 12 years old's perspective, and started to write him letters from 1993 through to 1996. I suggested that he introduce student pricing for their software outside of the US. I explained my situation and framed it differently each time I wrote him a letter.

The end result? Microsoft got in touch with me and sent me a very valuable goodie bag. In the early 2000s, Microsoft introduced a student pricing scheme for their products


Why 85% of the ads you see, never work?


Ask five times why and understand why people should buy your product.

Why social media ads don't really work? If it didn't work for you, don't worry that's normal. 85% of the ads never work whether it is on social media or on the tube.

Advertisement is a way communication with the audience, without understanding the audience inside and out, it is really hard to create ads that really work.

Why behavioural economics?

It helps you to understand the audience and understand their irrational decision making process.

Why I have curated these photos? We have weakness to beautiful experiences and it capture your attention.

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Storytelling is the oldest way of communication, probably since Ancient Greek. To be honest, it really works. That's why you are reading this write now.

Our brain has an immune system to new ideas. 

Storytelling and creative thinking are the way to break that immune system and deliver the new ideas to the brain.

That's what I do, understand your audience, understand your solution. Align them together and create stories with behavioural economics tactics. That's how your social media ads work, reach new customers and create a behavioural change.

Photo by Max Rentmeester on Unsplash.jpg


Uygar has worked for our company Lokum Istanbul, he was responsible of our social media strategy and accounts. We have worked together over a year and a half and it was a pleasure working with him as he was extremely dedicated to his work and always has a positive can-do attitude. I would gladly work with Uygar again and I wholeheartedly recommend him as he would be a great asset to any team/company.
— Ozge Basbugu | Director of Marketing & Communication at Lokum Istanbul
Uygar has consulted for my business Kundalini Lounge. He was responsible of our social media strategy and accounts. We have worked together over six months time. It was a pleasure working with him as he was very dedicated to his work. I recommend him as he would be a great consultant to your business.
— Mariya Gencheva | Founder at Kundalini Lounge
Uygar has been instrumental to the early stage developments of our brand on social media. While providing prolific and detailed information online, Uygar has also a very good connection with PR agencies and regularly attend luxury brands launches. I really appreciated working with Uygar and definitely recommend his services.
— Xavier Calloc’h | Publisher at Yacht Investor Magazine
Uygar has been a highly communicative and eager-to-learn member of my team. He added valuable insights into modern and new aspects of marketing and communication. I never lost sight of him and am proud of his career development. Today he continues to be an important sparring partner of mine on his focus areas.
— Roland W. Schacht | Managing Director at Schmitz Cargobull Romania SRL
Uygar arrived in the UK from Turkey with a ‘can do’ attitude and immediately set up a blog to cover cars and luxury goods. He is always online, photographing and tweeting and attending events. He is the real-life case study of ‘blog about the things you’re really interested in and it will succeed’. That’s how he has grown his business and why people turn to him for advice.
— Al Clarke | Marketing and Communications at Meridian Mobility UK
I worked with Uygar for a year when setting up my business as I needed help with my social media. Uygar designed my website and managed all areas of my social media during this time. His behavioural economics work was instrumental in marketing my business to the right people, graduates, and attracting them to apply to the roles I was working. I highly recommend Uygar and wouldn’t hesitate in using him again if needed.
— Alex Fair | Founder at Fair Recruitment
Uygar is a dynamic Gent with an excellent understanding of business, very professional and hard working. He is someone who is never short of ideas.
— Doruk Ozkaya | Founder at Appwox
I have worked with Uygar on a number of occasions and on each assignment I have found him to be a pleasure to work with. He is funny, engaging, takes time to understand you, and the project, and is always looking to go the extra mile to make you a happy client. His knowledge is excellent and I would highly recommend Uygar and his team.
— Toni Griffiths | Marketing at Empower Marketing
Uygar is a passionate, hardworking & effective marketer with dynamic storytelling abilities. Really enjoyed working with him.
— Nick Cook | Marketing Manager at Gooee

Clients {Past and Present}


Mercedes-Benz Turkey
MAN Bus & Truck Greece
Classic Car Club London
Clive Sutton
Sutton Bespoke
Mando Footloose {Electric Bike} {Agency Client}
ZRide Electric Scooter

Mobile & Tech & Fintech
VENNCOMM TALK {Business Messaging App}
appwoX {Mobile App Developer}
NETZ Fintech
TechComms PR
Grupo Casa PR

Lifestyle & Luxury
Lokum Istanbul
Yacht Investor Magazine
Kundalini Lounge Yoga

Fashion & Design & Architecture
Georgina Goodman {Women Shoes Designer}
Joanne Stoker {Women Shoes Designer}
Apposta {Online Shirt Tailoring}
Merve Bayindir {Millinery Designer}
ADEMCHIC {Interior Architecture}

Housing & Renewable Energy
Gooee {Aurora LED}
Cocoon Project {Housing}
SESCO Renewables

Gregory Abrams Davidson Legal
Fair Recruitment
Ali Matar {Musical}
Kogital {PR Agency}
Propel Technology {PR Agency}
Fair Play Consulting UK
Rima Events {Event Agency}
Samos e-commerce


Results & Case Studies

Cost-per-click decrease 2.5x
Impressions increase 5.4x
Clicks increase 9.8x
Visitor stay on website increase 3.1x

Objective {Increase call-to-action}
Call-to-action increase by 4.2x

Cost-per-click decrease 6.7x
Impressions increase 12.7x
Clicks increase 7.2x

Objective {Increase website visits}
Visitor stay on website increase 4.3x

Cost-per-click decrease 1.7x
Impressions increase 4.2x
Clicks increase 16x
Visitor stay on website increase 3.5x

Objective {Increase CV uploads}
CV upload increase 3.7x


Cost-per-click decrease 1.9x
Impressions increase 5.2x
Clicks increase 14x
Visitor stay on website increase 4.2x

Objective {Ticket sell}
The percentage tickets sold via social media campaigns 68%


20 Social media strategies are developed, implemented and executed

2000 blog articles are created and published
4000 tweets are written and published
2000 Instagram photos are shared

22% increase in brand awareness
18% increase in brand royalty

11% increase in followers
7.5 average Relevance Score on Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns

3.5x average increase in goals {sales, branding, call-to-action, store visits}

16 WeWork London Lunch & Learn events


My WeWork Events


More than 200 WeWork London members attended to my events.

12th July, 2017 // WeWork Old Street, London
22nd August, 2017 // WeWork Spitalfields, London
12th September, 2017 // WeWork Soho - Sheraton House, London
2nd October, 2017 // WeWork Spitalfields, London
12th October, 2017 // WeWork London Bridge, London
14th December, 2017 // WeWork Bishops Gate, London
15th December, 2017 // WeWork Devonshire Square, London
15th January, 2018 // WeWork Southbank, London
6th March, 2018 // WeWork Southbank Central, London
28th March, 2018 // WeWork Aldwych House, London
10th April, 2018 // WeWork Spitalfields, London
22nd May, 2018 // WeWork King's Place, London
29th May, 2018 // WeWork Finsbury Pavement, London
19th June, 2018 // WeWork Mansion House, London
19th July, 2018 // WeWork Marylebone, London
19th August, 2018 // WeWork King's Place, London
25th September, 2018 // WeWork Old Street Provost and East, London
16th October, 2018 // WeWork Spitalfields, London {Private event}
13th November, 2018 // WeWork Paddington, London {20th event}


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