Cronus Business Consultancy

Behavioural economics is like a boarding pass for the consumers' brain. 

The destination being; your brand. A behavioural economist creates the boarding pass.


I am a behavioural economist and marketing strategist


I have more than 13 years of experience and consulted more than 34 companies.

I identify creative and innovative approaches that can’t be identified by market research.

And deliver amazing results that exceeds your business targets!




There is an innovative framework.

It changes how customers think and feel about your product and brand?

Suddenly, your sales figures are increasing!

Not just for once, it is continuous!

Would you leave it or try it?




- 3.7 Times Increase

A graduate recruitment firm increased their CV uploads by 3.7 times!

- 52% In-App Purchase

A mobile app campaign’s 52% clicks resulted with an in-app purchase on an Instagram ad!

- 64% Bought a Ticket

A London West End musical campaigns achieved 64% clicks ended up with a ticket purchase!


Successful ideas usually sound irrational


Christian Louboutin. Supreme. Starbucks. Moleskine.

I am going to make uncomfortable high heels. I will paint their soles in red.

- Christian Louboutin

I am going to sell hoodies and t-shirts with my brand in sans serif font with red background.

- Supreme

I am going to sell coffee in a paper cup. I will sell it for £3.

- Starbucks

I am going to make a notebook with high quality paper. It will have a strap.

- Moleskine


YouTube Interview


Rory Sutherland {Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy} and I talked about behavioural economics.


Clients {More than 34}



Lifestyle & Luxury

Tech & Fintech

Fashion & Design & Architecture

Housing & Renewable Energy






Uygar is very knowledgeable in his field and is a great person to work with. I would have no hesitation to recommend his services if you want to understand your brand and the mind of your consumer.
— Georgina Goodman | Women's Shoe Designer
Uygar has been a highly communicative and eager-to-learn member of my team. He added valuable insights into modern and new aspects of marketing and communication. I never lost sight of him and am proud of his career development. Today he continues to be an important sparring partner of mine on his focus areas.
— Roland W. Schacht | Managing Director at Schmitz Cargobull Romania SRL
I worked with Uygar for a year when setting up my business as I needed help with my social media. Uygar designed my website and managed all areas of my social media during this time. His behavioural economics work was instrumental in marketing my business to the right people, graduates, and attracting them to apply to the roles I was working. I highly recommend Uygar and wouldn’t hesitate in using him again if needed.
— Alex Fair | Founder at Fair Recruitment