Social Media Marketing with Behavioural Economics

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I develop content and strategy for social media marketing that turn business goals into results by using a behavioural economics approach. 

Behavioural economics helps connect the dots between consumer problems and goals with the product’s solution

I create demand for your company and help you to reach your goals {brand awareness, brand loyalty, product launch, page likes, new followers}.

Every brand and business needs marketing, especially social media marketing with behavioural economics to survive.

I am a marketing and a social media marketing consultant with eight years experience. Proven track record with more than twenty five clients.

I am a blogger since December, 2009. I took part during the launch campaign of Pinterest in UK {#PinItForwardUK}. GQ China May 2015 issue covered an interview with me.

Mercedes-Benz Turkey was one of my client!


What I do?

  1. What do you do?
    I create content and strategy for social media marketing to change the decision making process of the target audience to reach your business goals. Your business goals can be new leads, increasing brand awareness and loyalty, more visit to the website, new followers, more likes. This happens with behavioural economics.
  2. What is behavioural economics?
    Behavioural economics helps us to understand why we make irrational decisions with rational reasons. As a result of this, we can understand the problems and the goals of the consumers and offer your solutions to satisfy their problems. This can be applied to new page likes to visits to the store and even new leads!
  3. Will you generate new leads for our business?
    Yes, I do. The behavioural economics changes the decision making process of the consumers and you can see your product or service easier than ever before!
  4. What is your background?
    I have eight experience of experience in social media marketing. And blogging since late-2009 on my personal blog cars & life. Prior to that, I have four years of experience in marketing and PR. Before becoming a freelancer, I worked in academic life and published a MSc Research thesis on why people talk about brands {University of Birmingham}. I combine the business experience with the academic background. That's how I managed to implement behavioural economics to social media marketing! I have been reading and doing research on this area since 2007!
  5. Which social media channels do you use?
    I have experience in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and blogging. Also, I took part during the UK launch campaign of Pinterest #PinItForwardUK in 2013.
  6. Do you create paid campaigns for the social media {ppc}?
    Yes, I do. Without the paid campaigns, social media presence will not generate any benefit for your business. Why? Because, the social media channels are designed to generate income from the ads. Therefore, I have long years of both business and academic experience in paid campaigns.
  7. Do you apply behavioural economics to the paid campaigns?
    Yes, I do. That's how I achieve really high relevance score rate on Facebook and Instagram and really low cost-per-click rates. Facebook and Instagram ads are designed to analyse the quality of the ad and give a relevance score from 1 to 10! My average if 7.5. Also, behavioural economics enables to create ads that create a motivation for an action. This tactics is used by Apple as well!
  8. How often would you post?
    Based on the strategy and the analysis of the target audience. I will create a plan for social media schedule. Usually, I post everyday for my clients. However, every brand is unique.
  9. How can you make all these by yourself?
    I have been doing this job for a very long time. I started to used Twitter, when it was a tiny startup. Also, being a blogger motivated to me to use the social media for a very long time. As I have years of experience in social media and marketing. I can do all these things much faster and better than the others. In addition, behavioural economics approach to the marketing from the consumer perspective and this makes it easier to create campaigns that really work well.
  10. What about the results?
    The results are just below this page.

Anything else?
Feel free to contact me with me


My WeWork Lunch & Learn Presentation
Social Media & Behavioural Economics




Strategy based on Behavioural Economics
{development + implementation + execution}
This is the first stage, I create the strategy that identifies target audience personas, social media channels, customers journey, content planning, competitors analysis and more.

Research & Study {Where I differentiate}
I use behavioural economics approach to identify the decision making process of the consumers. I start with understanding the problems of the consumers. Interpreting the solutions of your product. And conceptualise the functional and emotional goals and benefits while using your product for the consumers.

Content Creation
Content delivers your messages and turns business goals into reality. Based on the Strategy and the Research & Study, I create campaigns and content. This process involves with the perfect harmony of creative and behavioural economics approaches. Also, I can't ignore the importance of minimalism. I always focus on creating content that doesn't include anything unnecessary. Every word in text, every object in the photo should have a reason to be there. Otherwise, the message will not be delivered properly and the business goals can't be achieved. Keep in mind, I have a blogger for eighty years!

Content Marketing {PPC}
The social media platforms run on ad-based business model. Therefore, I have to market the content I have just created. This means, using the advertisement platforms of the social media channels. Keep in mind, "85% of the advertisement never works" therefore I implement behavioural economics for creating ads that works! I use the most optimum method to market the content and connect with the right audience for your business to reach your goals.


Clients {26 clients and growing}


Mercedes-Benz Turkey
MAN Bus & Truck Greece
Classic Car Club London
Clive Sutton
Sutton Bespoke
ZRide Electric Scooter

Fashion & Design & Architecture
Joanne Stoker Women Shoes
Merve Bayindir Millinery Designer
ADEMCHIC {Interior architecture}

Lifestyle & Luxury
Lokum Istanbul
Yacht Investor Magazine
Kundalini Lounge Yoga

Mobile & Tech & Fintech
VENNCOMM TALK {Business communication app}
appwoX Mobile App Developer
NETZ Fintech
TechComms PR
Grupo Casa PR

Housing & Renewable Energy
Gooee {Aurora LED}
Cocoon Project Housing
SESCO Renewables

Fair Recruitment
Kogital {PR agency}
Propel Technology {PR agency}
Fair Play Consulting UK
Rima Events {Events agency}



CPC decrease 2.5x
Impressions increase 5.4x
Clicks increase 9.8x
Visitor stay on website increase 3.1x

Target {Increase call-to-action}
Call-to-action increase by 4.2x

CPC decrease 6.7x
Impressions increase 12.7x
Clicks increase 7.2x

Target {Increase website visits}
Visitor stay on website increase 4.3x

CPC decrease 1.7x
Impressions increase 4.2x
Clicks increase 16x
Visitor stay on website increase 3.5x

Target {Increase CV uploads}
CV upload increase 3.7x


20 Social media strategies are developed, implemented and executed

2000 blog articles are created and published
4000 tweets are written and published
2000 Instagram photos are shared

22% increase in brand awareness
18% increase in brand royalty

11% increase in followers
7.5 average Relevance Score on Facebook and Instagram paid campaigns

3.5x average increase in goals {sales, branding, call-to-action, store visits}

7 WeWork London Lunch & Learn events


Uygar has worked for our company Lokum Istanbul, he was responsible of our social media strategy and accounts. We have worked together over a year and a half and it was a pleasure working with him as he was extremely dedicated to his work and always has a positive can-do attitude. I would gladly work with Uygar again and I wholeheartdly recommend him as he would be a great asset to any team/company.
— Ozge Basbugu | Director of Marketing & Communication at Lokum Istanbul
Uygar has consulted for my business Kundalini Lounge. He was responsible of our social media strategy and accounts. We have worked together over six months time. It was a pleasure working with him as he was very dedicated to his work. I recommend him as he would be a great consultant to your business.
— Mariya Gencheva | Kundalini Lounge, Founder
Uygar has been instrumental to the early stage developments of our brand on social media. While providing prolific and detailed information online, Uygar has also a very good connection with PR agencies and regularly attend luxury brands launches. I really appreciated working with Uygar and defenitely recommend his services.
— Xavier Calloc’h | Yacht Investor Magazine, Publisher
Uygar is a passionate, hardworking & effective marketer with dynamic storytelling abilities. Really enjoyed working with him.
— Nick Cook | Marketing Manager at Gooee

My WeWork Events


12th July, 2017 // WeWork Old Street, London // The Fundamentals of the Social Media Marketing

22nd August, 2017 // WeWork Spitalfields, London // Social Media Marketing with the Behavioural Economics

12th September, 2017 // WeWork Soho - Sheraton House, London // Social Media Marketing with the Behavioural Economics

2nd October, 2017 // WeWork Spitalfields, London // Decode the consumer mind with Uygar

12th October, 2017 // WeWork London Bridge, London // Decode the Consumer Mind with Behavioural Economics

14th December, 2017 // WeWork Bishops Gate, London // Decode the Consumer Mind with Behavioural Economics

15th December, 2017 // WeWork Devonshire Square, London // Decode the Consumer Mind with Behavioural Economics

15th January, 2017 // WeWork Southbank, London // Decode the Consumer Mind with Behavioural Economics

6th March, 2017 // WeWork Southbank Central, London // Social Media Marketing with Behavioural Economics

28th March, 2017 // WeWork Aldwych House, London // Social Media Marketing with Behavioural Economics




Marketing + social media marketing strategy development with behavioural economics approach // starting from {6-week work} £ 1800

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My hourly rate
£ 45 // WeWork rate £ 37.5

20-hour per month
£ 900 // WeWork rate £ 750 / per month {small}

32-hour per month
£ 1440 // WeWork rate £ 1200 / per month {medium}

48-hour per month
£ 2160 // WeWork rate £ 1800 / per month {large}


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