I identify creative and innovative approaches that can’t be identified by market research.

I am a behavioural economist.


Successful ideas usually sound irrational.

Christian Louboutin. Supreme. Starbucks. Moleskine.


Year 1991;

I am going to make uncomfortable high heels. I will paint their soles in red.

Sell them at a very expensive price. People will complain when they wear them.

And they will want to buy more!

- Christian Louboutin


Year 1993;

I am going to sell hoodies and t-shirts with my brand in sans serif font with red background.

I will target for skateboarders, but everyone will want to own one. The collection will be expensive and limited in quantity. People will queue to buy them.

In twenty years time, Louis Vuitton will create a limited collection with my brand.

- Supreme


Year 1971;

I am going to sell coffee in a paper cup. I will sell it for £3.

People will come and wait to buy their coffee, I will not serve them.

People will want to buy again and again. They will be happy to wait in a queue as well.

They will carry the paper cup as a fashion accessories with their name written incorrectly.

- Starbucks


Year 1997;

I am going to make a notebook with high quality paper. It will have a strap.

It will be in different colours.

It will be much more expensive than others and people will buy them and never use them.

- Moleskine


Successful business ideas are born out of irrational ideas and achieved by applying behavioural economics.

It is time for your business to apply irrational ideas to reach a new level of success.


When you apply behavioural economics, you suddenly end up succeeding in ways logic would never have taken you to and neither would market research.

- Rory Sutherland (Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy)


I am a behavioural economics consultant.

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My YouTube Interview with Rory Sutherland {Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy}



Fun Fact

I did my first nudge to Bill Gates in 1993.

I was 12 years old and wanted to learn Visual C++ programming language. However it was a very expensive piece of software (~£2,527 in today’s money). It was a very wise way to convince my parents to spend their money on this software. 

So, I decided to change the way Bill Gates was thinking. Basically, I framed the Visual C++ pricing from a 12 years old's perspective, and started to write him letters from 1993 through to 1996. I suggested that he introduce student pricing for their software outside of the US. I explained my situation and framed it differently each time I wrote him a letter.

The end result? Microsoft got in touch with me and sent me a very valuable goodie bag. In the early 2000s, Microsoft introduced a student pricing scheme for their products.


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